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Open Source Software

We believe that Open Source Software, i.e. with source code available for modifications, enhancements and adaptations, has great advantages (The Gartner Group, "Web Site Deployment and Operations", January 1999; Jupiter Research, "B2B Infrastructure Practices", June 2000; Forrester Research, "Ringing Up Web Store Costs", August 1999).

Every day more and more companies notice these advantages and use this kind of software because of:

1. Low maintenance cost

When the source code of the programs is available it is possible to implement improvements with no need to acquire new versions of the program or to order a software project to a consulting company. The company investment is safe and is not under the ups and downs of the program developer company, that as in many cases has happened, refuses to make program updates or declares that the program is obsolete.


2. High security

Many security devices hide their weakness by hiding the source code that guarantees it. When the supposed security mechanism fails we cannot correct it until the software company which develops the closed routines decides to fix it, hiding the solution again. When the source code is available it is much easier to find security bugs and fix them. One of the reasons many software developers do not like to show the source code is not because there is a secret within the code but because it is a shame for them. Open source code allows the client to check the product quality and that there is not any "Trojan horse" inside to compromise the system security.


3. Low development times

It is possible to develop a program from other Open Source code developed before. This means that development times, variations and personalizations are lower than in the case you would begin from the scratch. Furthermore, the development is made from solid and tested software, what means it is much more secure than beginning all the project from the beginning.


4. Low cost

The Open Source tools have low prices and some of them are free. So that, the sale price of any application made using them can be assigned to the personalization to the client requirements. In the case of closed source programs one should include the license in the price. So that, at the time we can offer reasonable prices, also we dedicate most of the development time to adapt the application to our clients necessities.

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